per #theNAC, that 3-letter agency, right here: New Apostolic Church USA – New Apostolic Church USA (nac-usa.org)

GOD SAYS: ‘This here, looks like a #schmidtyboy SPECIAL’

‘Naturally, when you go around picking on things weaker than you are….’
Christopher Reber-Not-Robin, quite the boy-about-town: School Boards, FAREVA Supply Chain / Logistics, Procurement Specialist. He told the edc after a church service March 2020, regarding the edc’s mother, to ‘appreciate her’. He also gave her a suggestion on her organ playing, ‘Practice’. #soundGODLY? Then he took the edc and her mother and her sister to McDonald’s for coffee, and was reticent to talk about his job when the edc looked at him and said, ‘You probably supervise a lot of people at your job, huh?’ None of these boys in black like to talk about their jobs at the DHS, IMF, DOD contractors, FBI, International Supply Chains, and of course, the Elect TRICK company
K. Stefan Heinzelmann, perjured himself in his 4/28/21 draft of excommunication from #theNAC, to Erin D. Cook. His actions, and those of his footmen have also excommunicated her from her Holy Duty, her mentally retarded sister, via his lies and her very own mother’s indoctrination since infancy into #theNAC. the edc’s mother grew up living above the church, on Harford Rd., Parkville, MD 21234, now the Broadcasting Institute of MD? Anyway, her father, Walter Neudeck, was a traveling salesman for General Mills, and he did not pay rent for all of those years living above the church because he was the Rector of #theNAC Baltimore. His family heritage is unclear. He came to US from Germany as a young teenager or pre-teen? WWI times. No straight story ever heard ’bout that. #NEUDECKhouse
Randolph Havenstein, (we like to call him Haver HAVE AT IT Stein) German Chancellor during the hyperinflation in what seems to be a long time ago, but when Rome never died, the Freemasons and Teutonic Knights never REALLY went away here we are today, with this jamokeJOKE A Havenstein Moment. | Rudy Havenstein | Substack
Ernst Hermann #TJMask CEO, First Retailer To Announce Firing Its’ Sans Jab Human Capital: Their Mentally Retarded Employees Included, The Ones WE THE PEOPLE Give Them A Tax Write-Off Upon Hiring These Special Souls
KRAUS CARPETS #scheisterSTYLKE #schneiderSTYLE #FRENCHIEstdyle #schmidtyboy
Schneider, the one that Mikey Fraudy said has no interest in Schneider Elect TRICK. Or the UN’s He For She PROGRAM #schmidtyboy STYLE #DOPPLEGANGERdupe STYLE #liarSTYLE
Tricke Dickie aka Richard Freund aka ‘District Apostle’, first for Virginia District, at least tri-state area including DC, and then for South America, we believe. He still calls the edc’s mother at her domicile and pretends to be her friend. He sired the Mikey Fraudy and the JonnyF-not-Appleseed.

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