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New Apostolic Church, Int’l ORG, steals children from their mothers and abuses the mentally retarded, all while hiding the money and wreaking havoc upon TRUE LOVE, upon GOD’s FLOCK.  My ability to keep PROMISES to my deceased father, regarding the care, safety and happiness of my mentally retarded twin sister, is being wreaked havoc upon by https://nac-usa.org/ who are ENERGY POWER BROKERS, among other things.  They have operatives in all areas of government – SCHOOLS – for just ONE example.  This ain’t the church.  FIX IT, Per GOD.

BELOW divisive Fendt Follies Piece of Propaganda Published to #theNAC’s website July 2020 (as our cities burned). 

…everyone shall experience the love of God. – Written by Apostle John Fendt

July 2020

We have brethren in our congregations, as well as friends and neighbors around us, for

whom the death of George Floyd and many others as well, has caused a great deal of

personal pain. It is like a scab being torn off a wound. The wound is discrimination – a lifetime

of discrimination. Those of us who have not experienced this do not really understand.

Remember, our calling as Christians is to ‘go’ to those who suffer. Even if we cannot identify

with someone’s specific experience, we must strive to understand them. We must make the

effort to listen patiently, without becoming defensive and without trying to justify anything. Just

listen because your brother, your sister, your neighbor is suffering.

To ‘go’ also implies something more. We need to make it clear, as a church and as

individuals, that we reject and decry injustice. To understand injustice, we should consider one

of the causes – inequity; the idea that there is a different standard for one group of people than

there is for another group. God is righteous – He loves every human being equally. Christ’s

example and teaching make it clear that the offer of salvation is for all people.

The call to act is made clear in the epistle of James. In chapter 2, verse 14-17 we r

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